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Welcome to Below The Stars blog page. Here we share updates about our products and services, as well as news about the night sky above us.

  • shipping


    We strive to provide the best, fastest, and most affordable shipping options for every customer. We gathered all possible answers related to your questions about shipping...

  • spring constellations

    Spring Constellations: All You Wanted To Know

    Find your favourite spring constellation in the night sky. Without any doubt, stargazing is always a great idea....

  • starmap qr code

    Personalized Star Map QR Code

    Now, you can add a personalized message to the custom Star Map. We are introducing a QR code feature that enables you to provide a link with a personalized message...

  • learn the constellations

    Learn the Constellations. Popular Constellation of the Night Sky

    Become a bit more astronomy savvy and learn constellations with our definitive guide....

  • roman astronomy

    Roman Astronomy: History of Science

    Discover interesting facts about the Roman astronomy. Why was Ptolemy’s model wrong? Why do planets have names of Roman gods? How close was the Roman calendar to the one we are using today?...

  • how to print

    How to print personalized Star Map by yourself?

    If you are on this page, you probably purchased one of our gorgeous personalized Star Maps as a last-minute gift option...

  • interesting facts about the sun

    Interesting facts about the sun

    Learn interesting facts about the Sun that you haven’t heard before. When is the Sun going to explode? How many Earths could fit inside it? What is solar wind? Find out answers to these questions and even more...